Governor Honors Good Shepherd Ministries

Good Shepherd Ministries, under the direction of Executive Director Dale Nieberding, is awarded monies to hire a grant writer through the Ohio Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives. The governor honors Good Shepherd Ministries as one of only two organizations to receive the recognition in Montgomery County and only 1 of 45 agencies across the entire state.

The money is a capacity building grant for the organization to grow and expand their social service programs and operations of compassion. The $10,000 seed money to the 6-year old non-profit agency enables them to offer life restoration to those in or out of facilities in Montgomery County through their housing, mentoring and job readiness programs and/or services.

The governor announced the winners at a 2006 press conference in Columbus that Good Shepherd attended. Ohio is one of the first states to have been awarded the President’s faith-based initiative money with the six year by-partisan effort in Ohio spearheaded by Ohio Rep. John White.

Good Shepherd Ministries Awarded Federal Grant


Good Shepherd Ministries is pleased to announce its recent award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The $50,000 AWARD is part of a total of $58,025,562 through the Compassion Capital Fund (CCF). The Dayton, Ohio based agency is recognized for its excellence in services and programs.

The awards to 420 faith-based and community organizations are designed to help grass-roots faith-based and community organizations enhance their ability to provide a wide range of social services for those in need. GOOD SHEPHERD WILL USE ITS AWARD TO PROVIDE RE ENTRY CAPACITY BUILDING FOR THE HOMELESS IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY.

The award comes in anticipation as the agency move its offices to a one-stop social service center in the heart of the city. The move will enhance Good Shepherd Ministries’ collaboration and referral abilities with other non-profit agencies in the region.

The award is the second time the agency has been recognized for its outreach of compassion to the poor. The governor acknowledged Good Shepherd Ministries this past spring with a similar capacity state grant. The grant is part of Good Shepherd’s strategic plan as it builds momentum to become a lead agency in the area PROVIDING EXCELLENCE IN CARE IN HOUSING, MENTORING AND JOB COACHING to those needing a second chance.

Ernst Concrete and Kokosing Construction Team Up with Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Ministries has secured the commitments from Ernst Concrete and Kokosing Construction Company to assist us with the installation of our Inner City Basketball Court for youth at our supportive housing apartments in East Dayton. Ernst will supply the concrete needs and Kokosing will offer its concrete smashing machine used on expansive highways to crush the existing concrete. An application has been filed with CJ’s Work Camp Program for them to provide the labor for removal of the rubble and to form the concrete. What a great life experience for the youth while providing for youth! A basketball hoop and stand is still being sought. I am amazed how God has arranged for all this to happen.

We had originally planned to jack hammer the concrete. We were then informed a diamond saw would be quicker and easier. So we move to that game plan. Lastly, as I was driving to our board meeting I saw the Kokosing machine sitting on Rt. 35 and said to myself, “I wonder if they would be able to help us out. I stopped by their office and introduced myself to “Kirby” and told him of our plans. After knowing me for all of 2 minutes, he said “Not a problem. We can do it!” Through the efforts of Jim Boeckman, he directed me to John Ernst about our concrete needs. Over years ago, after speaking with him and telling him of our mission to help the poor and homeless- and our having not ever met or known each other previously, he very generously offered to supply us with all our concrete needs. I told him we wished to widen a sidewalk to accommodate a wheelchair, pour a wheelchair loading pad for transportation and a new pad for a basketball hoop. We poured the first wave of walk and pad with a youth group in 2006 and a year later in 2007 Ernst Concrete is completing their pledge. That speaks to the integrity of the John and Ernst Concrete.

“Ask and you shall receive” states the scriptures. And so it is! God provides for our needs through the generous hands of others like Ernst Concrete.

Levin and Kettering Foundations to Fund Housing

You are encouraged to know that through the efforts of our grant writer (obtained by the Ohio Governor’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives funding) we have secured two grants for our housing. The Virginia Kettering Foundation is generously funding our Supportive Housing Program and the Levin Family Foundation is supporting our greatly needed apartment renovations. The Kettering Foundation will provide for the housing needs, family reconciliation if applicable, job coaching and referrals of the clients staying gat the new apartments. The Levin family Foundation funding will enable us to replace many drafty, original storm windows in the 100 year building with energy efficient fixtures. May their efforts inspire you to join with us in providing for those so in need!

As an update to the exciting things God is doing in our midst, we have been in consultation with the warden at Dayton Correctional to do a Men's Issues Workshop as part of our mentoring component before the men are invited to our housing. We also look to visit with the executive director of Ohio’s prisons in July. We seek your prayers as we work on these endeavors